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Azilal Moroccan Berber rug

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Beautiful handmade Beni Ouarain berber carpet

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Beautiful Boujaâd Moroccan berber carpet

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250 x 150cm

To provide the best quality products, our selection of Beautiful Boujaâd Moroccan berber carpet is made by hand and selected from the artisans in Atlas Mountains.

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Boujaad carpets are named after the breed of sheep traditional of this region. The Zayan tribes who live in the mountains of the Middle Atlas, around Khenifra, weave carpets with long wool, golden reflections and usually warm tones in shades of red, purple and sometimes yellow. These exquisite carpets are rare and difficult to find.

Each Boujad rug is uniquely crafted. Each rug tells a different story with the use of traditional Berber designs & motifs.

Boujad rugs are hand woven pile rugs made using natural wool fibers and vegetable dyes. Newly woven rugs will show strong vibrant colors, typically reds oranges, pinks and/or purples. Whereas, older vintage rugs may have lovely washed pastel tones.

There is no right or wrong spot to put a beautiful Moroccan Boujaad rug, although we would suggest that you place them in lower traffic areas.  Because of how these rugs are made they are more delicate than your chain store copy cat.  The pile of each rug may vary depending on its history. Some you may find to be extraordinarily plushy, while some are closer to a flat weave.


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