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Sabra “cactus silk” Moroccan Berber carpet

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Moroccan Berber Kilim rug

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Beautiful handmade berber rug

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258 x 142cm

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The carpet of Taznakhte was made with natural dyes obtained from the plants of the drawer such as saffron, henna, pomegranate bark, madder, Takkaout, alum and others giving very beautiful yellow, red and blue colors. The various stages of weaving shearing, warping, mounting the loom, execution and completion of the carpet are accompanied by a ritual orchestrated by the woman. It translates ancestral beliefs and customs on the relationship between the being and the universe.As for the signs and forms drawn on the carpet of Taznakhte, they are a semiological language in their own right: figures, architectural motifs, landscapes, animals and geometric forms such as the triangle, the square, the diamond and the zigzag. They are all sober patterns that differ from tribe to tribe.


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