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Beni Ouarain Moroccan Berber carpet

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260 x 152cm

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“Morocco is a country known for its beautiful craftsmanship, and the Beni Ouarain is the spearhead of it.
The name of this carpet came from the Berber tribes living in the middle Atlas Maintains. Traditionally, and like all the other carpets in Morocco the women of the village make these carpets of the best quality of wool.
Beni Ouarin Carpets are indeed used both as a mattress and as blankets, in some occasion days, they are used as the interior and the exterior decoration of the house.
The usual design of Beni Ouarain carpet consists of two colors Black & White and sometimes a little touch of Brown as the women depend 100% on the natural colors of wool and that what makes these carpets very thick.
In term of patterns, the diamond is the most common pattern, but nowadays the carpet is adopting more minimalist pattern that still have a significance in the Berber culture.
Here are 3 reasons why you should have this carpet in your home.
• It’s a carpet with a story.
Passed on from a generation to another and from a mother to daughter with a rich load of traditions coming from a region long isolated from the world with a minimum foreign influence which made it retain all its originality.
It is made by hand on wooden looms and the geometry of the weaving follows the inspiration of the hand. It is therefore a privilege to have one at home.
• It is simply beautiful and its design is very current
Simplicity is the key word and that what seduces people. The Beni Ouarain carpet always presents an abstract, disordered pattern that makes everyone recognize it.
• Softness & comfort
This thick wool rug is very soft & warm and its direct contact provides a nice feeling to your toes and to the rest of your body. It is also animal friendly as dogs & cats will find it as their perfect spot for an extended nap.”


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