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Choose our Contemporary Moroccan table light and incorporate some Moroccan design inspiration into your home. To style your spaces with gorgeous metal lamps, pendants, and chandeliers, Simply Moroccan makes sure to provide you with items that infuse your home with timeless style.

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The TAWIL lamp is a contemporary Moroccan table light. It’s constructed with brass sheets, each individually carved by hand with punched holes and then molded together. Once switched on the light will light up your space and close areas will benefit from subtle array of patterns from the punched metalwork. Finished in Antique Brass and electrically wired to EC standards.

Let there be light ! Origins of Moroccan Lights

Have you watched movies like ‘Road to Marrakesh’ or ‘Casablanca’ that evoked a mysterious romance and curiosity towards the Moroccan Culture? well frankly speaking it has happened to lots of Moroccan Decorations fans where The allure of the Moroccan Light ,Furniture & fabrics shown in named movies and other TV shows lead many to recreate similar design patterns and style in their homes, despite of the effect of these movies and shows yet the roots of Moroccan style and interior goes far more than that in history as in fact it spread in Europe more than 200 years earlier with the rise of the Bohemian Style .

Bohemian style consists of soothing, colorful design patterns which was also known as boho chic, hippie style.bohemian style was classified uniquely as counterculture relying on creativity and indifference of the social structures and traditions.

Previously, those types of artists were seen as skilled and talented crafts men. But the Romantic Movement in the 18th century rejected this bourgeois life artistic group claiming a need to more imagination , that is when our new artists cult emerged to the surface with a heroic concept empowering individual style expressed merely in their outfit and adaptations of one way dress personality , these artists quickly became promoted as  special type of people, not only crafts men, a kind of authentic eccentric genius whose innovation was reflected on the way he lived and dressed. The artist himself (or herself) became a unique piece of art.
Moroccan Lamps and Moroccan lanterns were believed to be introduced through this era as the trades between the Moroccan tribes “Amazigh” and the Spanish and French merchants was nourishing and even some writers referenced to the usage of Moroccan Lanterns and Moroccan Lighting Candle Stick during the rise of the french revolution itself however we believe that the spread of the Brass Light Fixtures and Pendant Lighting Lantern was probably afterwards when the french conquest of Morocco occurred in the mid of 1844, some people believed that bohemian culture originated in Bohemia and not France ( an area located in Eastern Europe and the Balkans ) and so they came to refer these artists and intellectuals with their unique new art as Bohemians , the word Gypsy was a European term for the Romanian people, basically for an ethnic group of people with Indian origins who had migrated from the north. however it is believed word “Gyps” is originated and driven from the word Egyptian, which was believed by the majority of historians to be the actual home of the nomadic people whom were neglected socially and lived away from the mainstream. Nowadays , the word “Gypsy” is considered offensive and derisive to the Romani .

Moroccan & Bohemian Life style evolved to become Becomes their Own Kind of Establishment , By the 1830’s, the Bohemian art movement at France along with the Romantics as well embraced medieval and oriental clothing and decorative styles With its mesmerizing colorful fabrics and designs , Moroccan Poufs and Moroccan Lighting Fixtures has become more and more popular as well in that same era with their unique designs and soothing shades that fit in cohesive manner with the bohemian art attributes and European decoration style.


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