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Sabra “cactus silk” Moroccan Berber carpet

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Moroccan Berber Kilim rug

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Moroccan Berber Kilim rug

$ 685.00

167 x 103cm

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Moroccan Berber kilim carpets or Hanbel are regularly alluded to as kilim or kelim (Turkish word), a title inferred from Persian “Gelim”. Kilim implies a carpet without velvet because it is weaved rather than being knottedThese carpets symbolize the personality of the tribes weaving them, thus, their beautification is particular to each tribe.

Kilim carpets are enhanced with geometric figures, counting triangles and jewels, and are regularly less colorful but with more refined decoration.

They are still exceptionally distinctive. Their specific weave makes them lighter and more slender. I discover them especially wonderful in summer in shinning rooms or verandas. Once more the reasons are exceptionally distinctive. They make me think of the sea and its waves as seen through the fogs of a sweet dream.

These are woven carpets made of sheep wool. They review the Berber history and bequest of Morocco and vary from the Turkish or Persian  by their patterns, their thickness and their weaving technique.

If you want a very colorful carpet, light and easy to maintain, the kilim is the carpet that could suit you.



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