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Red handmade Moroccan Pillow 100% wool

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Berber design Moroccan pillow

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Set of 3 Pillows: Handmade Moroccan Cactus Cushion. Sabra Pillow. Free shipping

$ 100.00


Moroccan decor can be a great way to add a sense of character and charm to your living space. Get one of our Moroccan pillows and cushions to create a visual aura and brighten up your rooms. With their authentic color and design, Moroccan cushions will make your space feel unique and special.

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Moroccan Cactus Silk Pillows are a must-have for any home with a boho chic vibe. Made with vintage handwoven Moroccan Sabra Rugs, these throw pillows add an earthy touch to any space. With a wide selection of colors and designs with different sizes to choose from, you can customize your room to suit your taste.

The Sabra pillow is hand-woven by Moroccan Berber women, who are the only ones in the world who know the techniques to produce this amazing cover. You can enjoy a sense of comfort and calmness just by feeling the texture. The pillow is made from the sabra nettle plant, which has been used traditionally to treat an array of health issues. It has a unique weave, made up of different coloured threads.

Please note that we sell cushion not covers.
Please note that we have many pillows of the same color, but motifs on each pillow is different thanks to the unique design on each rug.
CARE Instructions : Dry clean only & avoid contact with water or others liquids.


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