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Straw shopping bag

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Handmade black Moroccan fringe Leather bag

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Vintage Moroccan carpet leather bag

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If you’re a fan of leather craft from Morocco, then you are in the right place. Our mission is to select the best products for our customers by working with talented Moroccan artisans who make Amazing sturdy leather bag.

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The Moroccan industries of textiles and leather are inspired by their wonderful atmosphere and include the colors of Morocco with opulence, elegance and creativity. From handwoven blankets to leather accessories like Moroccan leather handbags, you can feel a sudden radiation created by a perfect blend of live, vibrant colors, designed by imaginary of the innovative craftsman and produced by their engineering hands with passion and love.
The leather industry is considered as one of the most ancient yet well-known crafts in Morocco. Morocco’s fame in the leather industry is incomparable to the extent that when the craft becomes authentic and noble as it bears the name of Morocco. However, leather in Morocco has a great history of authenticity and craft as well as it extension in the history of Morocco. This is the main reason why Moroccan handcrafts has its own traditional markets and neighborhoods. Even, the Moroccan handcraft has moved from a traditional industry purely depending on traditional techniques and tools to a professional one that utilizes much sophisticated tools and procedures while maintaining the inherent characteristic of its traditional character.
Showcasing the unique passion and craft of traditional craftsmanship in leather bags is Moroccan spirit! And this is why the products that come out of our shop say true to the heritage of the very special destination that’s Morocco!
Thanks to its design and colors, this brown leather bag is full of beauty and charm. It is time to show your authentic side and amaze your friends and family with such an original bag.

Moroccan leather goods: A genuine labor of love. We design our leather goods with great attention to detail, combining traditional artisan techniques with modern influences to produce beautiful, functional pieces that will last for many years. We work directly with the Moroccan artisans who handcraft every item you see here, and stand behind their commitment to using only the highest quality materials and adhering to the traditional craftsmanship passed down through generations


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